Greenporter Hotel Owner, Chef, Seasoned Fork Blog Author, Deborah Rivera Pittorino Shares Her Recipes For Success

“Live everyday like it’s the last day!”  I often say, “What I can do for myself today?” so I’ll go for a walk or a bike ride or head over to the museum, farmers market or simply get a pedicure. If I have an hour between meetings, I love to do things spur of the moment. You can’t plan everything. I have to work and I want to work, but I  do something nurturing for myself every day.

Staying fit and maintaining a career (three to be exact) is never easy, but restaurant and hotel owner, chef, food & travel blog author and global executive search company CEO, Deborah Rivera Pittorino has a strategic fitness plan that works! Deborah spends her time between Manhattan and Long Island’s North Fork, balancing multiple businesses and a healthy lifestyle.

Her entrepreneurial portfolio to date includes The Greenporter Hotel and Cuvee Bistro, The Seasoned Fork and The Succession Group,  to name a few.  Her drive, determination, and focus are inspirational and her entertaining, menu, and recipe ideas are creative and delicious.

We recently had a fun “Greenporter” poolside chat to catch up on how she balances her busy career, staying in shape, and being healthy.

 How do you balance staying fit and healthy with your busy work schedule? 

Staying fit and eating healthy can be a challenge when balancing a busy work schedule, not to mention having a family and social life. Exercise and eating healthy are a major part of how I function successfully in all other aspects of my life, so I schedule them into my calendar, like all of my other meetings.

 What’s on your weekly fitness agenda? 

I try to mix it up so that I can tackle cardio and strength training and stretching which I like to do through yoga. I spin and practice yoga twice a week along with one day of strength training and one day for walking or some other outdoor activity. During the summer I love to go clamming or go Porgy fishing in a small row boat with a dear friend. I also like to accompany friends on sport fishing outings. Here I am more of an observer because Striped Bass and Bluefish are more difficult to handle.

 I know you are passionate about food, cooking and gardening personally and professionally, as chef and owner of North Fork dining hot spot, Cuvee Bistro, what is your overall philosophy on eating healthy?

I think it's important to eat fresh and simple. It's also important to plan and for that reason I try to make shopping for food FUN. I go to farmer's markets whether I am in Manhattan or Greenport. I enjoy talking to the farmer who grew my carrots or the Beekeeper or Oysterman.

 Do you spend time cooking and preparing food for yourself? If so, how do you do this while balancing a busy lifestyle?

I keep things realistic and try to do prep work and shopping on the weekends so that I have the right food in the fridge or on the shelves so when I reach-it's there. Roasting a chicken with assorted veggies gives me a lot of options during the week. Sandwiches with sprouted grain breads and avocado one day, a soup made from the same chicken using the stock another days along w left over veggies from that same roast. Making a veggie lasagna that my husband I can eat more than once during the week.

 What songs are on your playlist at the moment?

Everything from Nicki Minaj to an Aria from Turandot.



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