Professional Dancer, Amanda Kloots, on Broadway, the Rockettes, Love and Jumping Jacks

Everything Happens for a Reason

By Amanda Kloots

 Being on Broadway is thrilling! There is nothing like rehearsing a show for six weeks, going through the preview process, and then finally performing on opening night!  Live audiences are the best! It is instant gratification.  Broadway is a big family. You become so close to your cast mates and in most cases they become friends for life.

Rockettes is definitely the hardest job I have ever done.  We dance in seventeen shows a week!  That is double the amount of shows when on Broadway.  It is easily over 1000 kicks a day!!!  You can eat whatever you want, haha! Becoming a Radio City Rockette was a dream come true!  You have to strive for perfection every day, every show, every dance! It isn't about being an individual when you are a part of the number one precision dance group.  It is about becoming one and being a team.  The women are strong and the hardest working dancers I know! 

Both Broadway and Rockettes are physically demanding.  You work six days a week, every weekend, and every holiday!  You have to be prepared for that!

 Jumping Jacks don’t get enough credit. It might sound cheesy but I love a good old jumping jack! I make my clients do them full out though!  How big can you make your body? How much space can you take up? Suck your abs in! Squeeze you booty and inner thighs!

 Mat moves for me are all about legs.  I like to encourage clients to work at least two muscle groups at a time so if we are working the butt you better be thinking about your abs at the same time or bending your arms to work your triceps! We are New Yorkers, who doesn't want to kill two birds with one stone! 

 What are you passionate about?

 I am passionate about a lot of things!  I love my family very much.  They are my best friends and have always supported me in everything I've done. I'm passionate about fitness of course! I love to encourage people and teach them to be stronger in mind and body.  I am super passionate about healthy eating which is why I am an ambassador for the amazing food program Sakara! There meals have changed the way I live and eat.  I am also passionate about love.  I have it tattooed on my arm.  I love to love! It is the most beautiful word to me.  

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