Glutes Galore This Winter: At The Barre with Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, Founder, Elements Fitness Studio

“Perfection is a myth, we are all a work in progress, and when facing, a moral, ethical, or business dilemma I always think to myself, what would Madonna do?” - Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger 

Why are you passionate about fitness?

As a professional dancer, fitness was always a part of my life, and work within the industry reminds me a lot of work in the performing arts world. I also enjoy connecting with my clients and helping them each their fitness goals. As trainers we are coaches, athletes, therapists and best friends to our clients. They love us, and then love to hate us even more! 

Tell us about something you love, besides fitness and dance.

I love reading entrepreneur magazine and learning how other successful people have built their businesses. I love fashion, and enjoy going to the buyers show to pick out the new retail for the studio, and I love theatre and always wish I had time see more. I am obsessed with watching the weather forecast, I need to know what to expect no matter what! 

Who inspires and empowers you?

I am very lucky to have a great husband, and supportive family! My grandma is my inspiration, and is such a strong and dynamic lady! I love to spend time with my family! 

What’s a great Barre move to heat up your muscles in cold winter weather?

Lots of calve raises at the barre, and lots of stretching with the resistance band. Warm Up and cool down are the most important! 

What’s next for Elements Fitness Studio?

Exciting summer season, lots of new programing and paddle boarding. We will be bringing the barre right to the beach! Fall 2016 we will finally launch a city studio! 

My goal is to find the perfect balance in life, I am so happy I have the barre to lean on when I need to find my center!

Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, Founder and Director, at Elements Fitness, launched the renowned barre and dance fusion studio and brand in 2010.  As a professional dancer, music theatre performer, actor, and fitness guru from Manhattan, Andrea has been dancing and creating movement patterns since her early childhood. She has multiple credits in regional theatre, dance, film, TV and online media, including Broadway Barres produced by Josh Rhodes on Broadway, The Christmas Review at the New York Theatre, the television shows All My Children, The Good Wife, Royal Pains and Nurse Jackie. Andrea holds a BFA in Dance as well as multiple nationally recognized fitness certifications including ACE, AFAA, Schwinn, and Real Ryder International.  Through her experience, she has developed a unique series of signature classes that she offers exclusively at Elements Fitness Studio. This specialized technique allows Andrea to provide a whole new workout to her clients, different from anything they’ve ever tried before.  Some of her well known class attendees have included Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, Parker Posey, Kirsten Dunst, Christy Turlington, Jessica Seinfeld and many of the wives of the New York Rangers hockey team.

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