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“We are all on this journey called life. This journey will have detours and pitfalls, and we press on. There maybe fears and doubts along the way, and we press on. What others think of us on this journey is none of our business, and we press on. Press into the dreams of your heart, they were placed there for a reason." -Kerri Verna

Tell us what you do to "heat up your winter workout"

One of the reasons I live in South Florida is that I rarely need to heat up my winter workouts. :) That being said, one of my favorite warmup rituals is to use the sauna for 10-15 minutes before my practice. I use the time in the sauna to not only stretch my body, but I also to meditate. This quiet time in the heat helps not only my body, but also prepares my mind to have the best practice possible. My best advice, no matter what time of year, is to just practice. Even when you don't want to. The cure for inaction is action. #justpractice               

Tell us about something you love...

I love to be inspired. It's one of the reasons that I like social media, the interaction with so many inspirational people is contagious. From top athletes at the top of their game, to the young mother trying yoga for the first time in her living room, I am constantly amazed. Inspiration motivates me and keeps my creativity at a top level. The people around me inspire me, my friends, my kids, my husband. I see the love in them, and it fuels me.

Why are you passionate about fitness and wellness?

What I'm really passionate about is teaching others to be the best version of themselves. That comes with the territory in being an instructor. Seeing my students progress or break out of a spirit of fear that has been holding them back is exciting. It's what drew me to my profession, and it's what continues to motivate me 14 years later. The key for me is being open and honest about my failures and struggles. This is not only liberating, but it also lets my students know that failure is part of our life's journey. I teach others that I am not defined by my failures. I am defined by how I pick myself up.

 What's coming down the pipeline for you?

Coming off an exciting 2015, 2016 is lining up to be even better! I'm so excited to have just launched a fitness capsule collection with Kino Macgregor called Om Stars Apparel by Liquido Active. To help design and produce this collection is a dream come true. My traveling workshop schedule is almost full this year and I am blessed to be visiting areas of the world that I have never been! I also have already confirmed my 3rd annual Bahamas retreat in November. All this, plus some secret projects in the works, is sure to make 2016 amazing!