Elle Magazine Fashion News Director Anne Slowey on Fitness Fashion

Anne Slowey, the Fashion News Director of ELLE magazine, has always been one of my favorite fashion writers. She has an eye for new talent, values the history of fashion, and, at the same time, doesn’t exude the same breathlessness over every new fad.

We had the chance to talk about my favorite topics, fitness and fashion.

Here is an excerpt:

First, do you work out?

Well—I just started again! I had my second child almost two years ago, and it was time to start getting back in shape. All of my life I was very physically active. As a kid, I swam competitively, so spent a lot of my teenage years in the water. I love the water. Recently, I decided that I wanted to row—it’s a way to get back in the water and I can train for it without actually being on the water all the time. It’s a great overall cardio workout and gives me great energy to chase after my toddlers.

 Do you see a similarity between fashion and today’s workout clothes?

Absolutely. There is a huge trend right now towards chic athletic wear—for people who work out and for people who want to look like they just worked out. All of the major departments stores are trying to figure out how to capitalize on this trend now, and the category is only going to get larger in the next few years. Lululemon was there first, but there is going to be a huge growth in this category, both by designers and brands.

What have you seen that you like?

Stella McCartney for Adidas is great. She was the first designer to partner with an athletic brand and it just gets better each season. I also love Net-A-Porter’s new Net-A-Sporter. There are golf and tennis dresses that are perfect not only for a round of golf or a morning on the courts, but could easily go to weekend brunch. The yoga and dance offerings on the site are terrific. I also like Athleta a lot—I think they mix fashion and performance in a relatable way. Sweaty Betty, a brand from the UK, also offers great yoga and dance inspired workout wear, and of course, I love my super stylish waterproof SUPMerge capri's. They also design activewear dresses, board shorts, and vests for watersports and beach lounging.

Why do you think this is happening now?

Consumers seem to have enough denim in their closets to last a lifetime, and while I don’t think jeans will ever go away, we’ve moved into a fashion cycle where leggings are the key piece. These brands make it very easy and fashionable for women to go from morning drop off to the yoga studio to lunch or whatever she is doing without having to lug around a whole new wardrobe. It’s a much more fluid lifestyle choice that resonates with women all over the world. It’s also very aspirational—it shows that you have time to spend on yourself. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to look like they just spent a few hours practicing their backhand at the country club? Even if they don’t own a tennis raquet or belong to that country club!

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