Professional Athlete Andia Winslow's Bucket List

When professional athlete & fitness entrepreneur Andia Winslow isn't busy coaching golf and running or developing custom fitness programs for well-known brands, she loves to add items to her bucket list.

Here goes:

  1. Dance in a Missy Elliott music video
  2. Talk w/ Elmo during his interview segment on Sesame Street
  3. Learn to play the drums
  4. Return to my birthplace for an extended visit, Alaska
  5. Complete an extensive family genealogy project
  6. Build an adventure camp/ranch for kids and families
  7. Endow a college scholarship via the Jackie Robinson Foundation
  8. Find the best enchiladas on the planet -- and eat them.
  9. Finish writing a book about living as a caretaker for my dying grandfather
  10. Found an animal sanctuary